Reviewed by Kyle Bell, Posted on 2011-03-16


Developer: Behaviour Interactive Publisher: Paramount
Release Date: March 1, 2011 Available On: PS3, Wii & Xbox 360

Games based on children’s movies are usually not the best in the world. While they often have a popular name attached to the box, the games themselves are often simplistic in their execution and even in the presentation. Rango: The Video Game is a surprising departure from the stereotype. Not only does it have gameplay that will satisfy older gamers, the graphical style is reasonably well done, befitting of an animated movie.

Of course the movie starring Johnny Depp as Rango does not feature his voice-acting in the video game. Instead, Rango is voiced by a guy that sounds like a failed George W. Bush impersonator. This is a disappointment, but not crippling to the overall product. The developers did a good job of making active environments, lively cut-scenes and character models that stand up relatively well to their animated film counterparts. Disappointing lighting and environmental effects such as fire dampen the experience somewhat, but ultimately, it is a satisfying recreation of the film.

The game plays like a platformer, but offers elements that you would also find in a third-person shooter and even an adventure game. Most of the time, though, you will be either shooting or brawling your way through various rodent enemies. The levels are inspired by scenes from the movie and go beyond the film, exploring environments not seen in the film. The Wild West theme eventually gives way to a zombie invasion, an alien spaceship, and the inner workings of an arcade machine.

The developers at Behaviour Interactive combined many elements from different games. Ratchet & Clank comes to mind quickly with the gunplay, aiming system and collection of sheriff stars (instead of bolts). These stars are used to turn around and purchase things such as upgraded abilities, health, etc. The main difference between Rango and Ratchet & Clank is that you only have one gun. Eventually you can upgrade its firing capacity and rate, as well as three different special guns that you find in crates, but these are only used for a limited amount of time.

Not many developers can take a children’s movie and make it into a decent game. Behaviour Interactive did just that. Rango is a solid platforming game, albeit it short at less than five hours long. The variety of levels, enemy characters, and gameplay elements make for an entertaining adventure. Unfortunately, the experience lacks Johnny Depp as Rango and has a storyline that borders on complete incoherence with zombie attacks and aliens. If for nothing else, the 8-bit level gives this game an amount of charm and ingenuity that you will not find in similar offerings. At least give the game a rental if you have seen the movie and enjoyed it. This is definitely a great game for kids.

Graphics: 7.5
Sound: 7
Gameplay: 7.5
Creativity: 7
Replay Value/Game Length: 5
Final: 7 out of 10
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Reviewed by Kyle Bell