Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition

Reviewed by Drew Meadows, Posted on 2014-05-22


The thing about Dynasty Warriors 8 Complete Edition is that it just came out a few months prior on previous gen consoles. When it was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 it received mostly favorable reviews. The Complete Edition, released for next-gen systems, doesn't sway away from what made it good the first time.


The Dynasty Warriors 8 Complete Edition is largely the same gam with just a few added bonuses. It comes with some extra characters, more story missions, and a little boost to the visuals. On previous gen systems, the game looked fine. Now that we are playing on PlayStation 4, the game needed to look a little better than the slight boost it received. It doesn't look bad, but the small attention to details isn't nearly what I would want a full game to be on Sony's next gen system.


The story is largely unfollowable. Convoluted plot twists and shallow story is mainly there to drive the hack and slash fest anyway. I really didn't mind not worrying about what was going on in the campaign.

Dynasty Warriors 8 attempted to progress the story and narrative in the middle of missions. This didn't work for me because I would fairly often miss cues on what I was supposed to be doing due to being in a large battle. If I was in the middle of hacking down the several hundred enemies around me, and one of my allies would tell me what to do or where to go, I would miss it. Not because I wasn't paying attention, but because I was more focused on taking down enemies, the main point of a Dynasty Warriors game.


Dynasty Warriors has never been a widely loved series. However, it does have a rabidly loyal fan base that will love this next iteration. If you've already played Dynasty Warriors 8 on PS3, you're probably okay passing on this one. For those who haven't picked it up on either of the current gen consoles there is enough content to make this package worthwhile.


That being said, if you've never been a fan of the Dynasty Warriors series, this one won't change your mind. There are enough differences here that people on the fence about the series might want to check this one out and see if they can be swayed.

Combat is incredibly precise. In previous Dynasty Warriors games, I could beat an entire game with just a few different buttons. This eighth entry is still a hack fest, but additional combos and abilities add a new accessibility for a more refined combat experience.

Tecmo Koei knows how to please their fan base. They have developed the most refined and best- looking Dynasty Warriors to date. Anyone on the fence or older Dynasty Warriors fans should grab the Complete Edition for an absolutely insane amount of content and playability. Players new to the experience will find a lot to love because they haven't gone through the same game before. I've never been the biggest fan of the series, but Dynasty Warriors 8 was a lot of fun. If I'm looking to hack my way through as many enemies as possible, I know where to turn because no game does it better than Dynasty Warriors.

Reviewed by Drew Meadows